Thursday, February 11, 2010

Video of news conference on arrest of Delmer Smith III

Here's the video from Thursday's news conference on the arrest of Delmer Smith III in the Aug. 3 slaying of Kathleen Briles.

Commenting are Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube and Briles' widower, Dr. James Briles.

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  1. Dr Briles my heart goes out to you and your wonderful family. I am very happy they have finally caught him, now I know he will get whats coming to him. Being a single female after this I had security cameras placed all around my house, I have barking dogs, an alarm system and now a gun just in case someone gets in, they will not come out. I am very sorry this awful thing happened to your family, & I hope the trial for this creep is swift so the healing can begin. Good Luck to you
    Heather Chadwick