Saturday, February 20, 2010

Manatee deputies honored for fire rescues

MANATEE — Three Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies were honored this week for going into a burning residence and rescuing two elderly occupants and their pets.

An Exceptional Duty Commendation was presented to Michael Gerholdt, John Lawson and Bryce Meade by Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Fire Commissioners and Fire Chief Foster Gover in a ceremony Thursday night at the fire commissioners’ monthly meeting.

On Jan. 10, Gerholdt, Lawson and Meade pushed through heavy smoke to disconnect the woman from medical equipment, lift her off a bed and carry her to safety. Her husband and two cats were pulled to safety by the deputies shortly afterward.

Lawson and Meade required medical treatment for smoke inhalation before returning to work that night.

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