Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Facts and figures about Florida's death penalty

If Martin Edward Grossman is put to death tonight, as scheduled, his will be the 69th execution in Florida since 1979, when the practice was resumed in the state, and the first since Feb. 11, 2009, when John R. Marek was given a lethal injection.

Here are a few more facts about the death penalty in Florida, as taken from the death row section of the Florida Department of Corrections Web site:
- Grossman would be the fourth person convicted in Pinellas County to be executed since 1979. The most recent execution of an inmate convicted in Pinellas was Amos King, on Feb. 26, 2003.

- King also spent the most time on death row before being executed -- 25.62 years.

- No one convicted in Manatee or Sarasota has been executed since 1979.

- The counties that have seen the most prisoners executed are Duval, with nine; and Miami-Dade and Orange, with eight each.

- There are currently 395 inmates on Florida's death row, including three convicted in Manatee - Melvin Trotter, Daniel Burns and Blaine Ross - and seven convicted in Sarasota - Jerry Correll, Emanuel Johnson, Ernest Whitfield, Robert Trease, John Troy, Joseph Smith and Michael King. (There currently is an active death warrant for Trease, but an execution date has not been set.)

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