Friday, August 26, 2011

Bradenton police puts out phone scam alert

BRADENTON -- The Bradenton Police Department has recently received five complaints from citizens in regards to an individual by the name of “Bruce” telephoning them and saying they had won $500,000, Bradenton Police Department reports.

The caller then instructed the victims to purchase a $400 Walmart gift card and telephone him back with the card’s identification number for further prize details, a media release said.

Through an investigation it was discovered the calls are being generated through an untraceable international exchange telephone company.

A department detective was able to call “Bruce,” by using a number provided by a victim, according to Capt. Warren Merriman III.

During the conversation “Bruce” tried to convince the detective that this was not an illegal scam, but was not able to provide any facts that he was employed by a legitimate business, a release said.

The department warns residents not to comply with any requests if they receive such a call.

If you have further questions or concerns, contact BPD at (941) 932-9300.

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