Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Web scams a concern in Manatee

You know that email that has been circulating since the 1990s?

The one about the Nigerian banker who has all this money from a business deal that's trapped in an account so he wants to transfer it all to you. Over the years it has become fairly common knowledge to avoid this scam, but many in Manatee continue to fall for this and other Internet cons.

Some of the more popular scams coming into the sheriff's office are of people who are told they have won a significant amount of money, through a lottery or some similar fashion, and need to first transfer cash to a person before getting a final payout.

Lt. Lorenzo Waiters, of the sheriff's office crime prevention unit, reminds people that any legitimate organization that is giving a large cash prize will never ask for a winner to pay taxes and other fees before the prize is given.

Other popular Internet scams include sellers on Craigslist tricking buyers to meet them in secluded locations to purchase high-value items, such as phones, and robbing them after they arrive.

If you or anyone you know has been a scam victim, call the sheriff's office at (941) 747-3011.

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