Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bradenton police investigation continues into girl lured into prostitution

PALMETTO -- Drugs played a major factor in the coercion of a 15-year-old Bradenton girl into prostitution, according to a search warrant released this week.

Anissa Lawson, 38, and Donald James, 44, who were arrested in this case along with Quental Harris, 28, and Anthony Gentile, 41, befriended the girl by offering her rock cocaine in August, the warrant stated.

When the victim first met Lawson and James at the Sunshine Motel, 180114th St. W., she told them her age and Lawson advised that she knew how old she was and that the victim had gone to school with her daughter, the warrant said.

The girl went back to the motel and Lawson and James explained that in order to buy more rock cocaine she would have to go into prostitution, the warrant said.

Lawson then lined up men for sexual encounters and told the girl they would share the money she made from her actions, the warrant said.

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