Saturday, January 9, 2010

What does the cold mean for law enforcement?

We wondered Saturday how the weather was playing a role at the sheriff's office. Lt. Joel Perez, shift lieutenant for the north sector Saturday evening, gave us a glimpse.

"It seems as if the cold weather has had an effect on the number of people we are seeing walking out and about or on bikes," Perez said.

Also, patrol deputies normally stop people in high crime areas or people who are in places where the normal public would not be, he said. In the cold, the potential number of stops is down with fewer people out.

Have the cold temperatures had an impact on violent crime calls? Saturday marked one week of cold temperatures.

"The time frame for the cold spell has not been long enough to make that determination," he said.

Deputies also have a tougher job in the elements.

They sometimes have to work calls outdoors for long periods of time and, with dropping temperatures, that can make the job more difficult, he said.

"The average Florida cop is not really prepared for severe cold weather. It is a challenge for patrol officers and deputies to get them through nights like this because it could be very uncomfortable," he said.

Perez, who was wearing long johns with temperatures dropping in the 30s, said most cops don’t own thermals.

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