Monday, January 25, 2010

Missing woman's parents draw 2,000 to safety event

In Sunday's editions, reporter Beth Burger examined the case of Jennifer Kesse, who disappeared exactly four years ago. Jennifer, a 24-year-old financial analyst, left her Orlando home on Jan 24, 2006, to go to work and has not been seen since.

Beth wrote of how Jennifer's parents, Drew and Joyce Kesse of Bradenton, have turned their vehicles into mobile billboards with images of Jennifer and phone numbers, hit the national television circuit, and started a Web site flooded with images of her and information about her case.

Each year, the Kesses hold an event in Orlando to educate the public about safety and collect other items such as blood and supplies for emergencies. This year's was Saturday night, and Drew Kesse e-mailed Beth the results:

500 fingerprinted, 35 pints of blood, 6 DNA swabbed for missing children in Orlando, cell phones, food and clothing collection filled an SUV. approx 2,000 people attended. did 3 life searches with dogs for crowd worked every time. It was all amazing and more than we could have asked for!

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