Saturday, April 14, 2012

From crime scenes to cookoffs

By Laura C. Morel

From Tuesday through Friday, I'm the crime and immigration reporter for the Bradenton Herald.

But Saturday is my wildcard. I cover, well, everything else, including parades, festivals, fairs, rallies, contests, and the list goes on.

Food fests are also a big chunk of my Saturday coverage.

Today, I was the lucky reporter who covered the Gulf Coast Rhythm & Ribfest, which includes a barbecue ribs cookoff with both local and out-of-state cooks. I interviewed barbecue enthusiasts about their secrets to a good rib and a tasty sauce. Time and patience seemed to be key ingredients.

After two hours of interviews, I smelled like barbecue.

Earlier this month, I covered the annual Seafood Festival.

In late February, I covered the Cortez Commercial Fishing Festival. Food for sale included squid fries (delicious!) and smoked mullet.

And in the beginning of the year, I was among 12 teams of cooks who whispered to their team members so their opponents wouldn’t hear their beef brisket secrets.

The irony of it all? I can't even cook.
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