Thursday, May 26, 2011

Every _ seconds

Keep an eye on the clock for one minute.

Before that minute passes, a property crime and a larceny will be committed in Florida, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

In the annual Crime Clock  figures from 2010. crime in the state broke down as follows:

VIOLENT CRIME: Every five minutes, nine seconds

MURDER: Every eight hours and 53 minutes

FORCIBLE RAPE: Every hour and 38 minutes
FORCIBLE SEX OFFENSE: Every 53 minutesROBBERY: Every 20 minutes
AGGRAVATED ASSAULT: Every eight minutes
LARCENY: Every minute
BURGLARY: Every three minutes
PROPERTY CRIME: Every 47 seconds
MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT: Every 13 minutes
These numbers show an improvement or no change at all from the 2009 Crime Clock stats.

In fact, the overall index of crime went from every 38 seconds to every 41 seconds in 2010.

The FDLE warns that Crime Clock stats should be viewed with a grain of salt. Its only intention is to show the annual reported crime experience by showing the relative frequency of occurrences. So it doesn't necessary reflect how regularly a crime happens, but how the ratio of crime would fall into time intervals.

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