Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Afraid of his wife, man tells an expensive lie

As Tiger Woods might tell you, men may lie to their wives but in the end, the tape, whether audio or video, does not.

Take, for example, the man in Panama City who was arrested after he admitted he had lied to police about being beaten and robbed of $100 by a man dressed in black. He gave up the ghost after footage from a store security camera did not match his story.

So why the lie?

The man, Jordan Paul Dominque, 30, who faces a charge of filing a false report, did not want to tell his wife he had spent the money.

“When I confronted him, he admitted to me he was having money problems at home,” a deputy noted in a report, according to the (Panama City) News-Herald. “He stated he called 911 knowing that no such crime had actually been committed, just so that he could tell his wife that his money had been taken and that he had not just spent it.”

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